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Nikon d6

The popularity of the Nikon D6 is increasing with each day of the week. Why is this so? We shall undertake a no holds barred Nikon d6 review with the aim of establishing the real reasons why this camera has risen to the top of the sales chart ahead of other competing models and brands.

Action For Real

Every camera online is the best that money can buy according to the manufacturer of each of the models. What you are reading about this Nikon d6 review is gotten out of the practical experience that is true, there are no assumptions here.

This camera comes with a decisive power that will make your day when you are out with it on the field. You are going to capture the best image of the object or event at a fast tempo that will blow your mind. Never has Nikon come up with a technology like this.

D6 DSLR photo of a horse jumping on a steeplechase course, with the camera body overlayed in front of the image, and the photo on the LCD
Image credit: Nikon

This camera is the epitome of excellence and reliability. It can withstand rugged use going by the practical experiences obtained through using this camera.

This Nikon d6 review is without any form of assumptions; you can close your two eyes and invest in this technology and you are not going to regret your actions.

Nikon D6 Specifications

Sensor: 20.8MP full-frame CMOS
Image processor: Expeed 6
Autofocus: Multi-CAM 37K 105-point phase detect, all cross-type, Live View contrast AF, all points selectable
ISO range: 100-102,400 (exp. 50-3,280,000)
Max image size: 5,568 x 3,712
Metering modes: 180k RGB sensor, Matrix, center weighted, spot, highlight weighted
Video: 4K UHD, 30/25/24p
Viewfinder: Optical pentaprism, 0.72x magnification, 100% coverage
Screen: 3.2-inch, 2359k-dot touchscreen
Memory card: 2x XQD/CFexpress
Max burst: Up to 14fps
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wired LAN, GPS
Size: 160 x 163 x 92mm
Weight: 1,450g (including battery and memory cards)


This model is the reality of what you are going to get in exchange for your investment. You will experience autofocus like never before with this model.

D6 DSLR photo of runners jumping over water splashing
Image credit: Nikon

When you are aiming at a picture, the focus of the lens will determine the clarity of the image. No matter the speed of the image, you will capture all the details with this technology under review.

If you are on a highly sensitive assignment, you can trust on this model to help in getting the best results on offer. We are very comfortable undertaking this Nikon d6 review because there is plenty to write about it.

The image processing engine of this model sets it miles ahead of all other categories that are around for now. The AF sensor is fully scalable.

If you have a tough assignment at hand; this is a camera that you can rely on to help deliver all that you are going to need to get the results that will make your image compete at the highest level.

Excellent Reimaged Focus Point Layout

No matter the speed of the object that you intended to capture; we have seen through on-field experience that there is a triple sensor arrangement for each focus and it leads to high-density AF coverage.

When you are out on that tough assignment and you are being distracted by an object in the foreground, the 17 custom group AF patterns ensures precision focusing.

The Nikon d6 review that you are reading has proved beyond doubt that it is ahead of the D5 model. Mention can be made of its ability to recognize an intended focus and its surroundings.

D6 DSLR photo of a rhythmic gymnast
Image credit: Nikon

What About Continuous Shooting?

There are loads of information to pass on about this model. The speed is incredible and it has the ability to deliver continuous shooting ability with excellent precision results.

No matter the speed of the, you have the technology in this model that will help capture the image that will give the best in terms of clarity of the image.

Another very important fact that must not be left out in this Nikon d6 review is the technology that allows the photographer to stream the workflow. The following features make that possible:

  • Customize presets
  • Shortcuts
  • Menus
  • Buttons

The features above enable quick access to favorite settings. This will ensure that nothing is left to chance.


One of the factors that we kept in mind during the review of this model is the length of time it will serve a useful purpose. Extra care was taken to look at all the angles that call for worry and at the end, we are glad to return a clean verdict on this model.

It is made from magnesium alloy construction. Our experience that we must include in this Nikon d6 review goes to show that it is robust and durable and can withstand any tough situation.

We took a look at the joints of this model. Our observations go to show that it was perfectly sealed to prevent the entry of moisture. The issue of dust is kept away and the protection against the elements is solid.

Camera Settings

When you are in the thick of the action in places where the elements are not in your favor, you will naturally worry about the change of settings to suit your purpose.

What can we say about it in this Nikon d6 review? We are glad to inform you that even in the dark, the camera setting can be done with ease curtsy of the brilliant technology that comes with the mode.

The top and rear LCD control panels, as well as panels, will bring in the illumination with a flick of the lever. This is what we have experienced practically with this model.


In times like this, we asked questions about the security measures that come with this model and our finding through its practical delivery was never disappointing. Wherever you are, you can be sure of tight security.

When you are in a remote shooting situation; the presence of a pro-grade Kensington Security Slot helps prevent theft.

Photo of the D6 DSLR chained to a railing using the Kensington Anti-Theft lock
Image credit: Nikon

Battery Life

Another factor that we considered strongly in ascertaining the ability of this model is the power that comes with the battery. It is important to have strong battery power if you desire the best experience in a photo shoot.

With one lithium-ion battery, you are going to get the best that ever in the world of capturing images no matter how fast; how delicate or hard the terrain.

A Tough Model

The Nikon d6 that you are reading is as a result of a credible test carried out both on the field and in the studio. Wherever you are, you can be sure of capturing the image better than a pro. Never has Nikon made a big statement in its history.

The Weight

Our observations go to show that this model can be trusted when the issue of weight arises. At a shipping weight of 6 pounds; you are going to have a lightweight model to play around with.


If we are to go by our practical experience and which we are delivering through Amazon; it can be said without fear or let that this model is manufactured to serve the customer for a long time.

You are going to get a reply that will excite you if you ask customer care about the offer of a warranty on this model.

Customer Care

There is no perfect technology. We took it upon ourselves to find out the after-sales attitude during the course of this Nikon d6 review. We were not disappointed with our findings.

When you have issues with the product, you are going to get a quick response that will solve the issue once and for all.

They are there 24/7. The customer care staffs are professionally trained and will give you all answers relating to every grey area on the product.

Which is Better Canon or Nikon?

Pros in the photography industry know that having the right camera enables you to capture moments as they are. For that reason, if you are a nature enthusiast, sports lover, hobbyist or photographer you should have the right brand and model of camera. There are many brands available on the market, but Canon and Nikon are considered some of the top brands.

Which is better Canon or Nikon?

To answer this question, you have to consider a wide range of factors. Some of the factors you need to consider include compatibility, usability, price and even performance. However, we have done all the work for you. Here is all the information to need to know which is better between the two top brands of camera.


When it comes to compatibility, Canon and Nikon brands have so much to offer. Canon is compatible with EOS lenses while Nikon is compatible with F-Mount lenses. The main difference here is the autofocus. The EOS lenses will autofocus while on the other hand, with Nikon, F-Mount lenses don’t accept the AF-S. For that reason, if you want a camera compatible with lenses that can autofocus, canon is considered the best. On the other hand, if you want a camera compatible with vintage lenses, Nikon should be your brand.


Performance is a key factor you need to consider when buying a camera. However, when it comes to Canon and Nikon, it’s a bit hard to conclude which is best in regard to performance. Here you need to consider several factors such as noise, megapixels, weight, autofocus system and even photos per second. You will note that Nikon stands out in some areas where Canon doesn’t and vice versa. For that reason, you should compare models available in your price range.


How does Canon or Nikon feel in your hand? How easy is it to shoot with? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before settling on either Canon or Nikon. Canon brand comes with a good screen that make it easy for you to review image quality. On the other hand, some Nikon models have small screens that make it a bit hard to review images and navigate the menu.  When it comes to weight, the two brands come in almost the same weight and both are easy to shoot with.

Image Quality

Although Canon comes with high-end lenses, you can’t say that it beats Nikon in image quality. However, the image quality will depend on the lens a model has. For that reason, we can say that, the Canon vs Nikon battle of image quality superiority, one of the two can win depending on the models you are comparing. But the two brands produce stunning, high-contrast images and videos.

The battle between Canon and Nikon continues. Which is better Canon or Nikon? The two brands build some of the best cameras you can find on the market today. You will find that a certain Canon model beats certain Nikon models in specific areas, and vice versa. Therefore, you should test the models available within your budget, and make the right choice for your photography needs.

How Much Will the Nikon D6 Cost?

Seasoned photographers from all over the world know the battles of superiority between Nikon and Canon. The two brands research and know what photographers want. This allows them to develop and release camera models that meet photographers’ needs in this digital world. As a result, Nikon has announced a new model; the Nikon D6.  The new model will be available in a few months. How much will the Nikon D6 cost? Well, read on to find out the price.

A Brief About the Nikon D6 Pro Camera

This is what sports shooters, nature enthusiasts and photojournalists have been waiting for. A camera that features high speed and high focus performance. Also, the new model has features that allow for a professional workflow. In addition, the Nikon D6 features the most powerful AF system. As a result, it has so much to offer to professional photographers.

When it comes to sensors and processors, the Nikon D6 features a 20.8MP full-frame sensor. The new sensor has been designed in a unique way to deliver high-contrast images that can be captured at a maximum speed of 14 FPS when shooting with E-type lenses. When it comes to the autofocus system, the new model has a new AF system – 105-Point-All-Cross-Type System. In addition, the D6 is the king when it comes to low-light conditions.

What About Its Design

The new model is expected not to be very different from its predecessor.  Its chassis is well-designed to hold a big battery and accommodate the dual shooting layout. In addition to that, its magnesium alloy body is tough making it ideal for tough conditions out there. Furthermore, this beast is expected to have a larger lens than the D5 hence we expect it to be a bit larger than the D5.

Video Features of the Nikon D6

We all know that the Nikon D5 was the first Nikon DSLR with the capability of recording top-quality 4K/UHD movies on camera. Therefore, The Nikon D6 is an improvement of the D5, and offers 4K/30p video and MP4 recording option. For that reason, you can use the camera not only to take high-contrast photos of fast-moving objects but also to record videos of high quality.

Nikon D6 Release Date

After the announcement of the Nikon D6, photographers from all over the world have been excited. They want to try it, and see if it is a real beast. They are asking, when will the Nikon D6 hit the market? Well, if you are one of the photographers or sports shooters anxiously waiting for the D6, relax as it is coming in the next few months. The Nikon D6 Pro Camera will be released in April this year.

Nikon D6 Cost?

Will you afford the new D6 pro camera by Nikon? Definitely yes! If you are one of the people waiting for the new D6 by Nikon, you should not worry about the price. Check The Nikon D6 latest price on Amazon.

I have no doubt that the Nikon D6 pro camera will be one of the best in the camera-building industry. The camera has a better design than its predecessor. In addition, it comes with a higher speed, powerful AF system, and is workflow enhanced. Therefore, let’s wait and see if it is a real beast in the real world as it seems on paper.

Final Take

What you read about the Nikon d6 review are practical experiences gotten from the field. Any investment in this model will give you the best results that call for cheer. This model is for real and it will give you the best that will wow those that view the images gotten through it.

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