What Knee Pads Do NBA Players Wear?

What Knee Pads Do NBA Players Wear

NBA basketball league is highly competitive. For that reason, players work very hard on the court as they fight for points. As a result, they always fall and even get knocks during the beautiful game. Most of them get floor burns and experience serious pain after banging their knees with an opponent.

To avoid painful knocks and damage caused by falls on the knees, NBA players wear knee pads. What knee pads do NBA players wear? Top brands are ranging from McDavid to Adidas on the market. Do the players use any of these brands? To learn the details, continue reading.

What Knee Pads Do NBA Players Wear
NBA Players

Why are Knee Pads Essential in NBA Basketball League?

NBA basketball league is one of the best leagues in the world. The league has attracted top players in the world such as James Harden, LeBron James, Derrick Rose, among many others. As a result, the league is highly competitive, and players have to work hard on the courts. For that reason, they have to wear protective gear such as knee caps to soften the external impact from the floor or opposing players.

Keeping players free of floor burns is the main aim of wearing knee pads. Also, knocks on the knee are common and wearing the pads help the players avoid serious pain resulting from knocks. For that reason, NBA players go for top knee pads that provide perfect protection without sacrificing comfort and mobility.

Knee Pads NBA Players Wear

Most top NBA players wear customized knee pads from top companies such as McDavid, Nike, Adidas, among others. However, most of the players wear knee pads that are comfortable and don’t restrict knee mobility. In addition to that, the pads they wear are well constructed.

One of the top knee pads used by many players is the McDavid 6440 HEX Knee Pad that offers protection during collisions and falls. The pads are ideal for top players that can do anything to attack the basket. McDavid 6446 Hex Knee Pad is also another knee pad that offers additional compression of thighs and calves.

Cosver Outdoor Sports High Elastic Knee Pads are also top knee pads used by NBA players as well as college students during basketball games. Other knee pads wore by NBA players include Reaches Basketball Knee Pads, COOLOMG Basketball Knee Pad, among many others. If NBA players use these knee pads, you can try any of them, and you will not be disappointed.

How do You Measure for Basketball Knee Pads?

When ordering or buying basketball knee pads, you need to measure your leg. First, you should measure the circumference at the center of the calve. From there you should measure the circumference of the part; 4 inches from the knee cap upwards to the thigh. When measuring, make sure you don’t get too tight as getting a more tight knee cap can restrict your mobility.

Final Words

Wearing the right knee caps will keep you safe in the court while fighting for your team during a basketball match. To get the right knee caps, you can try some of the above-knee caps used by NBA players, and you will not be disappointed.

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