What is the Difference Between Reborn and Silicone Babies?

Difference Between Reborn and Silicone Babies

Your little daughter needs a baby doll to keep her busy. The dolls play a vital role in her development, and that is why you should get her a doll that looks like a real baby. Reborn and silicone baby dolls are popular dolls that resemble an infant.

Difference Between Reborn and Silicone Babies

What is the difference between a silicone baby and a reborn baby?

There are several differences between the two, and knowing the differences can help you buy the right baby doll for your lovely daughter. We have researched and compiled the main differences for you. Therefore, continue reading.

  • Texture

Reborn and silicone baby dolls are made of different materials. As a result, they have different textures and feel. Reborn dolls are mostly made of vinyl, and for that reason, they feel a bit hard. On the other hand, silicone baby dolls are made of silicone. For that reason, silicone babies feel soft.

As a result, if you want your baby to play with a more realistic doll, silicone baby doll is ideal. On the other hand, if you want your child to play with hard dolls, you can consider reborn baby dolls made of vinyl. A silicone baby doll beats a reborn doll when it comes to realistic feel and softness.

  • Mobility

Reborn baby dolls are not that flexible and squishy. You will find that their limbs, neck, and other parts can’t bend and that makes them miss some points when compared to silicone baby dolls. Silicone baby dolls are highly flexible and squishy.

You can easily bend the limbs of silicone babies. In addition to that, their movement is just like that of a real baby, making them more realistic than reborn babies. This makes silicone babies more ideal for playing with small daughters compared to reborn dolls that are hard and non-flexible.

On top of the flexibility of body parts, it’s essential to highlight that silicone baby dolls can open mouth to hold a pacifier. You can use your fingers to open the mouth when placing the pacifier. On the other hand, reborn dolls have a mouth that can’t open.

  • Construction

Reborn dolls and silicone baby dolls are made of different materials using different techniques. You will find that many reborn dolls made of vinyl are hollow. In short, they have hollow arms, legs, head, and even the body. On the other hand, you will find that silicone baby dolls are solid.

  • Cost

Silicone baby dolls are relatively expensive compared to reborn baby dolls. However, you can find that some reborn baby dolls are more expensive than some low-quality silicone baby dolls. As a result, don’t be surprised to find pricy reborn dolls on the market.

  • Wear and Tear

When it comes to wear and tear, reborn baby dolls are better compared to silicone babies. Silicone dolls are susceptible to wear and tear. However, how you take care of the doll will determine how long the doll lasts. If you take care of a silicone baby in the right way, it can even last longer than a reborn type.

What is a reborn silicone baby?

With the influx of new technology and celebrities coming out as parents, it’s now common to hear about celebrity babies. However, a section of the culture has taken the trend a step further by purchasing a reborn silicone baby. One reason why people choose to purchase a reborn silicone baby is that many people want to “own” a piece of themselves or someone they know. One special family ordered a silicone baby through a website called Four Horsemen Creations.

Is silicone or vinyl better for reborn dolls?

When discussing the best type of doll head material, there is a lot to consider: starting with what kind of doll you want to make. While silicone and vinyl is both popular for different reasons, they don’t always work well together when used to make a reborn doll.

Can you feed a silicone baby?

There is no problem or need to feed a silicone baby. You can go ahead and give your baby the food you are eating without trying to make special meals for it. Researchers have found that silicone is not absorbed by the skin of an infant, so all the nutrients are able to be ingested properly.

Can you bathe a silicone baby?

Much to our surprise, the answer is yes. Silicone is a material that is strong and solid in nature which means that it can withstand water. What this means for bathing time is that you do not have to choose between skipping bathtime or spending your time soaking in bleach.

Can silicone reborn babies go in water?

What can you do with a silicone reborn baby? One might think that because it is made of silicone, the baby could go into water. Surprisingly, despite being made of silicone, many reborn dolls are not designed to go into water. This is because silicone has different properties to that of skin, so it will be more prone to developing mould if submerged in water for too long.

What is the most lifelike baby doll?

There are so many lifelike baby dolls on the market, but the Harmony Baby doll by G. I. Joe is arguably the most lifelike one out there. What is the most lifelike baby doll?

Final Words

Reborn and silicone baby dolls have many differences. With the above main differences, you make the right choice when buying a baby doll for your lovely daughter.

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