How Do You Fix a Noisy Bathroom Fan?

How to fix a Noisy Bathroom Fan

You need a high performance bathroom fan to get rid of moisture in the bathroom. The performance of the fan can be affected by a wide range of factors such as dirt, misalignment of the fan blades, among others. An indicator that your bathroom fan is not performing at its best is making a lot of noise.

Replacing a noisy bathroom vent fan is costly and is not always recommended. You can fix it, and it will perform better than before. How do you fix a noisy bathroom fan? To learn how to fix that noisy bathroom exhaust fan, continue reading to get all the details.

How to fix a Noisy Bathroom Fan

What Makes Your Bathroom Fan Noisy?

A bathroom fan removes moist air from the bathroom. As a result, it should make a little noise due to air movement and the rotation of the fan as it moves the air. However, it can become noisier, and that should worry you.  One of the leading causes of loud bathroom fans is dirt and dust. Dust can accumulate in the fan housing preventing perfect airflow and even obstructing fan blades as they rotate.

In addition to that, your bathroom exhaust fan can make noise if the fan blades are touching the fan housing. This results in a grinding sound and can easily be solved. Also, when the fan gets too dry, moving parts can make noisy as a result of friction. Lastly, the motor can be faulty, making the device make more noise.

How Do You Fix a Noisy Bathroom Fan?

  • Clean the Fan and All Moving Parts

The first step of fixing a noisy fan is cleaning it thoroughly. Therefore, switch off the fan and remove the fan cover to do the trick. You can first use a canister vacuum to get rid of dust and dirt. If all the dirt is not gone, you can use a rag and warm soapy water to clean the fan blades, fan housing, the motor housing, among other parts of the device.

  • Adjust Fan Blades or the Housing

If your bathroom fan is making a grinding noise, you should adjust the fan blades. You should know where the blades are grinding the fan housing. After that, you should use a flat screwdriver to adjust the blade(s) touching the housing.

  • Lubricate the Blades and Fan Motor

Friction can lead to wear and tear of a bathroom vent fans. It can also lead to unnecessary noise. You can fix this noise by lubrication the fan motor and the fan blades. This ensures that there is zero friction between moving parts, and that can reduce noise significantly.

  • Other Tips

You can be hearing vibration noise when you turn your fan on. You can fix the noise by tightening the mounting screws of the device. In addition to that, you can check the duct. If the pipe has a small diameter and has many kinks, you should get a duct with a larger diameter and avoid too many hard turns in the system.

Final Words

If your bathroom fan becomes too noisy, you can fix it instead of replacing it. Therefore, use the above tips, and you will fix the problem. You can do it yourself instead of hiring a technician at a cost.

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