Top 10 Best Silicone Baby Dolls Realistic for Fun & Learning

Silicone Baby Dolls

We’ve all gone through that phase of life when we were so young and innocent that our baby dolls were like human friends or human babies to us. The use of toys by babies is something to be highly encouraged. It gets better when your kids play with toys like the highly-safe and realistic-looking cute silicone baby dolls. The best silicone baby dolls are designed to mimic every physical quality of real-life babies and the technology of today has advanced to a great extent that even these dolls are often mistaken for real babies.

Our review today will center on cute-looking best lifelike dolls made often from silicone and vinyl to achieve the highest realism and likeness to humans. There are also what we call reborn baby dolls which are handcrafted by professional reborn artists to look like a real-life human baby.

Our review will feature some of the most realistic and interactive baby dolls as technology has improved the doll manufacturing industry to achieve incredible feats. Before we go right into the heart of our review, won’t it make perfect sense to examine why a silicone baby doll will be a great addition to your kids’ toys

Why You & Your Baby Need the Best Silicone Baby Dolls

A lot can be said about the realism and beauty of silicone baby dolls. We’ve read stories from different parts of the world including the USA of instances where cops had broken car doors to rescue suffocating babies only to realize after the operation that they’d been trying to save a cute little doll.

Aside from being beautiful toys for your kids, your children stand to gain a lot from playing with silicone baby dolls right from their tender ages. Let’s check out some of these benefits.

Benefits of Lifelike Baby Dolls to Kids

One of the very important benefits your baby can get from the best silicone baby dolls is the development and enhancement of their motor skills. Although most parents choose to buy these realistic baby doll toys for their kids for the fun aspect, more important is the effect that their interactions with the dolls can have on physical and non-physical development.

As the kids try to move around the dolls, this enhances their fine motor skills, their grasp is improved and development can start on an excellent level.

Another benefit you may eke out of the best silicone baby dolls for your kids is vocabulary development. Trust kids to want to be good parents and caretakers of their dolls. They’ll often want to interact with the dolls, trying this will help to improve their vocabulary skills and your toddlers can start learning to speak right away.

Silicone Baby Dolls

Since these toys are lifelike silicone baby dolls with stark resemblance to humans. Your kids will often see them as humans. They’ll try to care and nurture these toys and this means they’ll start learning care and compassion right from their tender age.

Benefits of Silicone Baby Dolls to Adults

We’ve also heard cases of were adults choose to purchase reborn baby dolls when trying to recover from the grief of losing a child or baby. Elderly people have also been shown to seem happier when they cuddle these bundle of beauties and pleasure as has been shown in certain studies.

Apart from psychotherapy, expectant couples can also get some realistic and life-like baby dolls to learn and prepare for their babies as they can use the dolls to learn and practice the art of caring and nurturing their expected bundle of joy.

Silicone Baby Dolls

For mums and dads and their babies too, the best silicone baby dolls may help with getting the kids busy and learning. This can also help as they can get the kids busy when mom or dad needs spare time to do house chores or some other important things.

Above all, the best silicone baby dolls are really cute and you and your kids, as well as others, will marvel at their realistic appearance. Get your baby busy for great things as you can select from our top ten list of the best silicone baby dolls for babies and toddlers.

How to Choose the Best Silicone Baby Doll

There are a lot of brands with different models in the market and so you need genuine information to choose the perfect realistic baby doll for your next purchase. Although it may seem a simple process, it may be somehow tricky as you’d want to lay your hands on only the best.

Although we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best silicone baby dolls available as of now, we still feel it is necessary to let you in on some important things you may want to consider before making your pick of the lot. To be able to choose the best, you’ll have to answer a few personal questions as regards your preference and expectations.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Silicone Baby Dolls

 Size of the Doll

This is one of the most important things you’ll have to consider before making your purchase. There are silicone baby dolls of different sizes. Some are as small as 11 inches and some are as large as 22 inches. There are also different sizes in between these figures and you’ll have to be sure of this so you don’t get disappointed after receiving your order.

Choice of Accessories

While you can decide to buy different outfits that will fit your baby doll, you may as well go for some of the baby dolls that come with enough clothing and accessories. While this is great, it may also increase the overall cost of the doll but this may be a decision you may like to weigh before making your purchase.Silicone Baby Dolls

Washable Waterproof or Not?

You should know that some of the best silicone baby dolls come as washable and waterproof baby dolls. This allows your kids more fun time as they can always play with them in the tub or take them for a shower. This can also be a great learning process for your kids and you may want to consider whether or not you’ll want this feature in your doll or not before making a purchase.

Postures and ability to stand or sit

While most of the best silicone baby dolls on our list are poseable and can sit or lay down easily without the need for support, there are a lot of other dolls without this feature, check this out though to know what you’re getting before making your purchase.

Life-like Interactions

For some baby dolls, they are able to breathe, coo, and perform some other life-like activities. This improves the realism and makes the doll more life-like. While we have some of the most realistic interactive baby dolls in our review, there are some that do not have this feature. Although this will also end up driving the cost of such dolls, you can check out our reviews for dolls with this feature if you’re really all out for this.

Price of the Silicone Baby Doll

Although it is incredible that most of today’s dolls are budget-friendly and affordable, some still cost a bit more than others due to special features, build quality or brand differences. Map out your budget limit but we are sure that you can easily find something that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Best Silicone Baby Dolls Reviews

We’ve reviewed some of the most popular names on the market and we have arrived at these 10 as the most realistic best silicone baby dolls for your kids’ fun and development. Check these out!

1. Paradise Galleries Tall Dreams Realistic Baby Doll

Paradise Galleries Tall Dreams Realistic Baby Doll

4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

When artists like Michelle Fagan designs baby dolls, then you should expect nothing short of excellence. He’s renowned for creating some of the best-selling silicone dolls over the years and this Paradise Galleries Tall Dreams seems to be the masterpiece of Michelle’s creativity and excellence as it is no doubt one of the best silicone bay dolls to hit the markets. The 19-inch bundle of beauty and fun has beautiful brown eyes and a dark brown hair along with eyelashes all of which were produced with great craftsmanship.

Key features & Description


This is a 19-inch silicone baby doll crafted with great realism and a build quality that has made it the joy of many parents and their kids.


This will definitely answer your prayers if you’re looking for as much life as possible. The realistic features of the Tall Dreams baby doll by Paradise Galleries are awe-inspiring. Beautiful hand-crafted brown eyes of innocence, hand-applied eyelashes, a dark brown hair and delicate hands and skin that smells like that of a cute little baby.


The manufacturer respects the importance of safety to your younger ones and to ensure this is not compromised, it conforms to the ASTM F963 safety recommendations. The arms are ¾ vinyl and so are the legs too.


To make all of the entertainment more fun for your babies, the best silicone doll from Paradise Galleries comes packaged with a lot of accessories such as bib, jacket and other clothing for your baby.

  • Recommended safe and ideal for young children
  • A realistic weight of 3+ pounds and size
  • Hand-crafted realistic hairs and eyes to play with
  • Many accessories for the baby doll to change and be played with
  • Although still affordable, it’s pricier than some other baby dolls
  • The hairs may also detach or become matted after a long while

2. JC Toys Berenguer Boutique La Newborn Life-like Boutique Baby

JC Toys Berenguer Boutique La Newborn Life-like Boutique Baby

4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Only a few will object to the claim of JC Toys being the industry leader in the baby doll manufacturing industry. That said, the 14-inch La Newborn form JC Toys is often accepted by some as the most realistic baby doll toy. If you have been looking around for some of the best silicone baby dolls with great semblance to real babies, the cute-looking Berenguer Boutique La Newborn should be more than enough of a wow factor. Looking for a realistic baby doll with great physical qualities, accessories, and value, then check out these features on the La Newborn Boutique Baby.

Key Features and Description


The cute Real Boy in Blue along with his other Real Girl in Pink measures 14 inches and weighs 1.5 lbs. The doll has been crafted with great intricacy and excellent craftsmanship to mimic the beauty and innocence of cute looking newborns. They are perfect for children 2 years and older and for them, it will be great fun to play with.

Build Quality

Beautiful and tender skin made wholly in Spain from washable, non-scented vinyl. This implies that while the doll is soft to the touch, it is also durable and waterproofed. Worry not if your baby insists on taking their dolls along to have pleasant showers in the bath.


This is as close to life as possible. Looking from afar, one would not realize that these are dolls except on a closer observation. The life-like dimples, folds, and wrinkles, as well as the anatomically correct body parts, makes one of the best silicone baby dolls also one of the most realistic baby dolls in the world.


Along with this beautiful bundle of fun comes a 9-piece gift set for dress-up fun. A baby shirt, diaper cover, booties, hat, soft blanket and more are available when your kids want to change their baby doll’s dress as these will be great fun to them.

Body Joints

Want more flexibility and some movement? The Berenguer La Newborn Boutique Baby has shoulders, hips, and neck that are jointed to allow a bit of movement and rotation. This is useful when dressing the baby doll as your kids will be able to fold their arms or move some body parts. We never can tell if your kid will eventually teach the Boutique Baby how to walk at the end, can we?

  • Still quite affordable despite the features and beautiful appearance
  • Lightweight and easy to be carried by babies
  • Waterproofed and washable for playtime fun and enjoyment
  • Great assortment of clothes and accessories to choose from
  • It is smaller in size than some other dolls
  • There is no cloth portion in the doll’s body and so it is somewhat stiffer than some other dolls

3. Paradise Galleries Over the Moooon Reborn Baby Doll (Sleeping Girl)

Paradise Galleries Over the Moooon Reborn Baby Doll

4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

This is another Paradise Galleries baby doll that will make you feel over the moon with its great life-like resemblance to a real human. Reborn baby dolls are cherished for their striking resemblance and appearance to real human babies, this baby doll sculpted by the artist Ping Lau is a masterpiece that is loved by parents and their kids all over their kids all over the world. Beautifully handcrafted with intricate details, the Paradise Galleries Over the Moooon Reborn Baby Doll comes in as one of the best silicone baby doll available today. Let’s check out the features and all on this baby doll.


Key Features & Details

Size & Weight

The beautiful masterpiece of Ping Lau measures 19 inches from head to toe and weighs about 4.41 pounds. It is recommended for kids 14 years and above and should be handled with care. The Paradise Galleries’ baby doll mimics the size and weight of a real human and has the appearance that will make most people fall for them thinking they are human babies.

Build Quality

This baby doll has carefully detailed body parts sculpted form GentleTouch Vinyl. The arms are ½ vinyl while the legs are full-length vinyl.


This silicone baby doll has hand-painted hairs, hand-painted details as well as hand-crafted eyelashes giving it that beautiful and cute newborn look. Coupled with the sleeping posture and the soft wrinkled hands and tender skin, this would bring you and your kids the closest you can get to realism as this is one of the most realistic life-like baby doll toys available in today’s market.

  • The doll has a size and weight similar to that of a newborn
  • Life-like features and appearance makes it so cute and lovely
  • Comes with a few accessories such as cow toy, hats, and outfits
  • The doll has a sleeping face which may be distasteful to some people
  • Not recommended for kids below 14 years old

4. Ashton Drake Little Peanut Baby Doll

Ashton Drake Little Peanut Baby Doll

4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Ashton Drake is another name that commands the respect of doll lovers and collectors all over the globe. Although the Little Peanut Baby Doll is not recommended for children under 14 years, we still can’t hide our admirations and love for the accuracy and precision of this realistic baby doll. It is though advertised as a collector’s item rather than a toy but that does not take away the fact that it is one of the most realistic baby dolls we came across during our research.


Key features & Details

Size & Weight

The Little Peanut Baby Doll has a tiny physique that will make you fall in love. She measures about 17 inches and weighs 4.77 pounds. The doll has tiny nose and fingers with great similarities and resemblance to those of a newborn.


This doll is designed to mimic the structure of a newborn and so it has this small but really attractive stature. The doll was sculpted by Tasha Edenholm of renowned prowess and creativity. Her nose like peanuts looks so adorable, hence her nickname as Little Peanut. Bright blue eyes, soft wrinkled fingers and an innocent-looking cute face makes this doll one of the most realistic silicone baby doll we’ve seen. The doll has been weighted to feel real in the arms and you get a real, life-like experience.

Build Quality

Beautiful and intricate details of the standards of Tasha Edenholm were all handcrafted to produce a real-looking baby doll. The doll has an irresistible soft vinyl touch skin and hand-painted details along with her beautiful hand-rooted hair.


The doll only comes with her onesie and hat as shown in the picture but anything newborn looks just as great on her if you’d go shopping for her.

  • Excellent lifelike features
  • Realistic weight and size
  • Real-looking beautiful hair
  • Comes with only onesie and hat as accessories
  • Only for children above 14 years

5. JC Berenguer Dolls La Newborn with 8-Piece Gift Set

JC Berenguer Dolls La Newborn with 8-Piece Gift Set

4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Coming in again from JC is another Berenguer La Newborn baby doll. The Spanish-made doll wears a cute smile that is both refreshing and joyful to behold. The realistic features had been intricately hand-crafted and put together by one of the world’s best professional artists. The doll has the beautiful tiny body of a newborn and kids aged 2 years and above can easily play with the doll.

Key Features & Details

Size & Weight

This particular Berenguer baby doll weighs about 1.5 lbs and measures about 14 inches. The doll can be easily played with and recommended for children 2 years and above.

Build Quality

The doll is wholly made in Spain from the best washable and non-scented vinyl material. This implies the doll being waterproof and durable with the silky-soft tender feel of the vinyl. The beautiful doll had been sculpted with great details and will not get damaged when your kids decide to take it for a bath.


If you need the most realistic baby doll for playtime sessions as well as learning and development for your kids, then this is one of the best life-like baby dolls you can get. The tender skin smells nice just as a newborn’s. The tender fingers and hands are wrinkled and the dimples as well contribute to this great life-like appearance.


For accessories, this particular Berenguer La Newborn baby doll comes with an 8-piece gift set that includes a body-suit, a short-sleeve t-shirt, hat, diaper cover and hospital bracelet among others. Dressing up for your baby doll offers you a lot of options. If you’d also want to increase the doll’s wardrobe, any newborn outfit will look great on her body.

  • Great dress-up accessories options
  • Lightweight for easy carrying and playing
  • Affordable and realistic-looking
  • Can take showers or bath without worries
  • She appears smaller than some other dolls

6. Ashton Drake Sophia Breathes Interactive & Realistic Newborn Baby Doll

Ashton Drake Sophia Breathes Interactive & Realistic Newborn Baby Doll

4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

For some people, realistic baby dolls are not enough without even more life-like attributes such as being able to interact. Interaction in this sense may mean the ability to blink, cry, coo or even breathe. For people who are in the market for some of the most realistic interactive baby doll available, this Ashton Drake Sophia Newborn doll has all it takes to interact and relate to you and your kids. Imagine this baby doll sleeping and breathing peacefully while cuddled in your arms? Sure most people would love that.

Key Features & Description

Size & Weight

This masterpiece was carefully crafted by Master Artist Linda Murray. It is 19 inches long with a poseable soft cloth body.

Build Quality

It has a RealTouch skin and a soft cloth body that gives it the tenderness and delicate feel of the skin of a newborn. It is fully poseable with hairs and features that are specially handcrafted to get close to reality as much as possible. It requires 3 AAA batteries and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


The body has the touch and feels of a newborn due to the excellent build quality. The baby doll is also weighted to feel just like a newborn when you hold it in your arms to be cuddled. Because the doll has features that are a bit complicated and extremely life-like, they are sold as collectibles for doll collectors rather than as toys for babies.

Interactive Features

Sophia has a heartbeat and she is able to breathe and coo. These features are what makes it the most realistic interactive baby doll on our review list.

  • Very life attributes
  • Tender and soft body like a newborn’s
  • Interactive features made it more real
  • Leg movement is excellent
  • Very cute with an innocent baby face appearance
  • Head and arms seems a little stiff and do not move backward or forward
  • Uses batteries so you’ll have to replace those frequently to enjoy the interactive features
  • Not for kids under 14 years of age

7. Ashton Drake Cherish with Pacifier by Denise Farmer

Ashton Drake Cherish with Pacifier by Denise Farmer

3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

The best silicone baby dolls come from the best baby doll brands and it is not surprising to see the likes of JC Toys, Paradise Galleries as well as the Ashton Drake Galleries reoccurring on our list of the best life-like baby dolls.

Coming in again is another Ashton Drake Galleries baby doll known and referred to as Cherish. Cherish comes along with a lot of beautiful and life-like attributes and it is little wonder that it is cherished by lots of babies and their parents as well as admirers as one of the best life-like silicone baby dolls available anywhere in the world today.


Key Features & Details

Size & Weight

Cherish is an 18-inch bundle of great admiration and fun with a weight similar to that of a newborn. The size and weight give it the realistic feel you get when you decide to carry this beauty in your arms. Coupled with the beautiful innocence and cuteness of its eyes, first-timers will be often caught off guard complementing how your baby looks cute without immediately realizing they’d seen a realistic and beautiful masterpiece of Denise Farmer.

Build Quality

She comes fresh from birth with delicate and tender features carefully crafted from TrulyReal(R) vinyl balls. Her hand-applied hair, the wispy eyelashes as well as the hand-painted finger and toenails help to give it the complete illusion that sweeps a lot of people off their feet.


This doll looks so real and is one of those that can make even the most intelligent police officers think they’d seen a baby trapped in a car when in fact it’s this beautiful baby doll of yours. The eyelashes were hand-applied, the toenails, as well as the fingernails, are also hand-painted and it is harder to find anything get more real than this which happens to be one of the best life-like dolls we’ve seen.


Fresh from arrival or should we call it birth? This doll comes in a footed sleeper, rocks a matching cap and comes with a free pacifier and hospital bracelet which you still get the chance to personalize.

  • One of the best realistic baby dolls
  • Hands and body touch is tender and feels like a newborn’s
  • Realistic body weight and size
  • Hair seems a little out of place

8. NPKDoll Reborn Baby Doll

NPKDoll Reborn Baby Doll

3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

NPK is another famous name in the silicone baby doll industry and although they may not be at the forefront like the other more popular brands, they’ve got some really cute and realistic silicone dolls that will give you as well as others the wow factor. This particular NPKDoll reborn baby doll is one of the best silicone baby dolls for your baby as it promises a great deal for a minimal amount of money.

Although the features on this doll are basic and may not be as complex as most other dolls on this list, we still admire this NPKDoll Reborn baby doll for two great things that made it qualified for a spot on our list of the best silicone baby dolls for both children and adults. These are its great affordability and value despite being satisfactorily cute and realistic.


Key Features & Details

Size & Weight

The NPKDoll bundle of fun and excitement weighs about 0.88 pounds and measures an average size of 11 inches (28cm). This tiny size and weight make it easy to be carried around and played with by your kids, as realistic as it is.

Build Quality

The doll is crafted from Hard Simulation Silicone Vinyl which should not be a source of worry when your kids decide to bath or clean up their baby dolls with water. These cute-looking innocent baby-faces are waterproofed and won’t get damaged by water.


Although this silicone baby doll has no hair, it’s got a pair of high-quality acrylic eyes that are very realistic and innocent-looking. It also has anatomically-correct body parts to make it more realistic.

Accessories & Clothing

The dolls come with decent clothes which are handmade according to the size. Along with the reborn baby doll and the doll clothing, you’ll also get a Certificate of Authenticity to back up your purchase of the most incredibly affordable life-like best silicone baby doll.

  • It is waterproofed and so can be used for playtimes in the bath
  • The doll is quite affordable and good-looking and valuable
  • Comes with decent clothing accessories despite the price
  • Limbs move and can be great fun for your kids to play with
  • Lightweight and small enough for kids 2 years and above
  • Some people will find it too small although it’s great for kids

9. Yesteria Reborn Baby Doll Lifelike Silicone Doll

Yesteria Reborn Baby Doll Lifelike Silicone Doll

3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

When you need reborn baby dolls with lifelike realism and appearance, then this reborn baby doll from Yesteria offers you these for a fair amount. Every part of this 22-inch beauty has been carefully crafted to show life as much as possible.

The silicone doll is made from soft vinyl material making the skin feel so tender and delicate as that of newborns. The baby doll is touted as 100% hand-crafted and you really should check out the features that have made this a candidate for the best silicone doll giving it a place on our list.


Key Features & Details

This reborn baby doll weighs 2.9lbs and measures about 22 inches. This gives it the perfect size and weight of a newborn and this realism is felt especially when you hold and carry the baby doll in your arms.

Build Quality

The silicone reborn baby doll is made from the soft vinyl material. The arms, as well as the legs, are ¾ vinyl and the doll has been certified safe for children 3 years and above. The multilayer processing used in the production along with the internal fillings of PP cotton gives the baby a soft skin and touch. The limbs are movable and the doll can sit and lay down effortlessly without support.


As with the ability to sit and lay down without support, the hair is hand-rooted mohair fabric made from the real hair of Angora goat. The limbs are movable. The cute and innocent high-quality acrylic blue eyes are 100% realistic and the whole handmade craftwork is nothing short of excellence.


The 22-inch doll comes along with a protecting bag, wig comb, a magnet pacifier, a nursing bottle and pair of cotton mittens, one outfit and hat as well as a certificate of birth and authenticity.

  • Realistic cute appearance
  • Limb movement for more fun
  • Can sit and lay down without support
  • Safe for children over 3 years of age
  • Suitable for collectors as well as kids
  • Smells nice like a newborn
  • Hair may appear creepy and you’ll need to use the wig comb often or just wear the hat for the doll

10. JC Toys La Newborn Pretty in Pink

JC Toys La Newborn Pretty in Pink

4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Rounding off our list of the best silicone baby dolls is another masterpiece from the Spanish manufacturer, JC Toys. This La Newborn Pretty in Pink Baby Doll is a 15-inch bundle of sweetness and beauty as it is designed from the best vinyl materials.

The end product of this excellent craftsmanship is a precious and lovely Newborn doll with a delightful face and striking baby blue eyes. This ‘’Real Girl’’ baby doll is an all-vinyl design with anatomically correct body parts. It comes in a pretty pink knit romper and will surely be a great companion for your kids.


Key Features & Details

Size & Weight

This La Newborn baby doll weighs about 2.45 pounds and measures 15 inches from head to toe. This is great as it contributes to the life-like appearance and realistic feeling that occurs from carrying the doll in your arms as it feels like carrying a newborn.

Build Quality

This doll has an all-vinyl design. The arms and legs are movable and the body parts and features are anatomically correct. This La Newborn baby doll has the features of a girl and is recommended safe and suitable for kids 2 years and above.


The movable arms and legs, the striking blue eyes, the soft and tender touch and feel of the skin, as well as the sweet smell of the baby doll, made it one of the most realistic baby dolls to have hit the markets. This shouldn’t surprise you as Berenguer baby dolls are known and loved for their realism and cuteness.

Accessories & Clothing

Along with the all-vinyl 15-inch anatomically correct girl baby doll, you’ll get a set of clothing and other accessories that include a knit pink outfit, booties, blanket, cloche hat as well as a Certificate of Birth (Authenticity).

  • Incredible life-like appearance
  • Anatomically correct body parts
  • Great for nursing practicing for adults
  • Beautiful and cute realistic face
  • Some find the doll to be a bit stiffer than some other silicone baby dolls

We took our time and did a lot of research to arrive at these ten so you do not end up with the wrong product. These are the best silicone baby dolls available on the market today and you can easily choose from these for your kids as well as for yourselves depending on what the situation requires. Here above are ten of the best life-like baby dolls which will bring you the much-needed sweetness, cuteness, and realism.

Why Are Silicone Babies So Expensive?

Most baby dolls are made of either silicone or vinyl. You will note that silicone dolls are so expensive compared to other dolls made of different materials. Why? First of all, silicone is more expensive than vinyl. Therefore, you should expect silicone baby dolls to be more expensive than vinyl dolls.

Also, silicone baby dolls are very squishy. In addition, many silicone dolls are more realistic in feel compared to other doll types. As a result, they tend to attract higher prices. In most cases, those expensive silicone baby dolls are durable, easy to maintain and will help your infant develop, and at the same time, have fun.

How Much Do Silicone Babies Cost?

Silicone babies are relatively expensive compared to other dolls made of different materials. These baby dolls are more durable and very squishy. Depending on the quality, silicone baby dolls can cost from $20 up to even over $1000.

The prices depend on the look, realism, build quality and even the accessories provided.  But all in all, you can find a silicone baby doll costing $50-100 good for your toddler. If you want one with advanced features, you can get it, but be ready to spend more.

Are Silicone Dolls Safe?

Silicone is a top material used to make a wide range of toys, including baby dolls. You have to be careful on the doll type you buy for your toddler. Toddlers like putting every item they come across in to their mouths, including a baby doll. Therefore, you should consider of a safe material for your baby’s doll.

Are silicone baby dolls safe? Yes, silicone is a safe material that can’t expose your infant to hazardous chemicals. In addition, silicone dolls are very easy to clean. Therefore, get silicone baby dolls as they are certified safe for children.

What Are the Baby Dolls That Look Real?

On the market, you will find many baby dolls that look real. Most of these babies are specially made using different materials ranging from vinyl to silicone. It’s important to mention that vinyl baby dolls look real.

On the other hand, silicone baby dolls may not look real like vinyl dolls, but they feel real. Paradise Galleries Tall Dreams Realistic Baby Doll, Ashton Drake Little Peanut Baby Doll, JC Berenguer Dolls La Newborn with 8-Piece Gift Set, among others are some of the baby dolls that look just like a real baby.


We’ve discussed above the various ways by which the best silicone baby dolls can impact the development and learning of your children. These dolls are also great entertainment sources and great fun to play with.

You and your baby stand to gain a lot from the best reborn baby dolls and this consideration has led to us compiling this review and guide to help with your decision-making process. Order for your own choice of baby doll today and watch how sweet and great this gift could be to your kids.

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