Who Invented Zero Turn Mowers?

Who Invented Zero Turn Mowers

Mowing grass in your compound needs a top mower with speed. In addition to that, you need a mower that is easy to maneuver. A zero-turn mower can be a perfect option for you as it comes with high speed and beats all other lawn mowers in maneuverability.

Before you get the zero-turn mower, it’s essential to know a wide range of things about the machine. You need to know who invented zero-turn mowers, how the machines work, and even how you can maintain the mowing device. To learn these and much more, continue reading.

Who Invented Zero Turn Mowers
Zero Turn Mowers

How Zero Turn Mower Works

Just from the name, a zero turn mower has a turning radius of zero inches. This is possible because of how the lawnmower is designed. The mower has a mowing deck in front of the machine. In addition to that, most zero-turn mowers are four-wheeled; two large drive wheels in the back and two swiveling wheels in front.

The machines are well designed to cut the grass so closely around obstacles. The two drive wheels at the back are controlled individually by operator handles, meaning that one wheel can turn more rapidly than the other. Therefore, when one drive wheel is engaged, and the other is stopped, the turning radius of the lawnmower is reducing to zero. This allows the mower to cut grass in tight areas that a lawn tractor cannot.

In addition to that, a zero-turn mower operates at high speed. It will cut grass close to obstacles in the field, and the job will be done more efficiently compared to a lawn tractor. The only issue with many zero-turn mowers is that they require experienced operators for best performance.

Who Invented Zero Turn Mowers?

The history of zero-turn mowers can be traced back in 1949 when Max Roper, a resident of Warrensburg, MO, invented the first commercially available three-wheeled zero turn mower; “the Ride King”. The front wheel of the device was able to turn 360 degrees reducing the turning radius to nothing. Despite all that, the Ride King was complicated and not that easy to use.

However, the first true zero turn mower was invented by John Regier in 1964. The mower came with hydraulically controlled drive wheels that were designed to spin in either direction. Regier sold the patent to Hustler Turf, who called the machine – the Hustler. On the list, it’s also essential to mention Grasshopper Mowers, who invented the first commercially viable zero-turn mower in 1969.

Final Words

Zero-turn mowers have taken over the lawn mower industry. The machines were invented several decades ago and have proved to offer a better mowing experience than traditional lawn tractors. However, due to different models and brands of zero-turn mowers, you should know that the machines perform differently. Therefore, be wise when buying a zero-turn mower.

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