How Do I Know What Size Bathroom Exhaust Fan I Need?

How Do I Know What Size Bathroom Exhaust Fan I Need

Your bathroom should remain clean at all times. Also, you should make sure that the room is free of hot moist air. Warm moist air can lead to mold growth, which is not a good thing. In addition to that, you need to get rid of odors that can make your bathroom unpleasant to stay even for five minutes when taking a shower.

You can easily do that by installing a bathroom exhaust fan. Bathroom vent fans come in different sizes and powers. Therefore, you have to be careful when buying one for your bathroom. To learn more about what size of bathroom exhaust fan you need, continue reading.

How Do I Know What Size Bathroom Exhaust Fan I Need

What to Consider to Pick the Right Exhaust Fan Size for Your Bathroom?

  • Size of Your Bathroom

Your bathroom size determines the size of the bathroom vent fan you can install for the best results. If you have a large bathroom, you will need a large and powerful fan. On the other hand, if you have a small bathroom, you will need a small and less powerful exhaust fan for perfect bathroom conditions.

  • Fixtures in the Bathroom

Besides the size of the bathroom, you need to consider the fixtures in your bathroom. Some of the fixtures expected in a bathroom include a toilet, bathtub, shower, and jetted tub. If your bathroom has more fixtures, you will need a more powerful bathroom exhaust fan.

  • Sizing of Bathroom Vent Fans

Bathroom fans are rated based on the amount of air they can move per minute (cubic feet per minute – CFM). According to regulations, you need a fan that can offer 1 CFM per square foot of the bathroom area. Therefore, you need to know your bathroom’s size and the fixtures for you to know the exact size of a vent fan you need.

How Do I Know What Size Bathroom Exhaust Fan I Need?

To know the exact size of the bathroom vent fan you need, you have to calculate the area of your bathroom. You do this by multiplying the length and width of the room. For example, if your bathroom measures 6 feet by 10 feet, the area will be 60 square feet.

We have mentioned that you need a fan that can offer 1 CFM per square foot. Therefore, in this case, you need a fan rated at least 60 CFM. In addition to that, if your bathroom has several fixtures, there are ratings for each fixture. Here are the ratings;

  • Shower – 50 CFM
  • Jetted Tub – 100 CFM
  • Bathtub – 50 CFM
  • Toilet – 50 CFM

From the above, if your bathroom has a toilet and a bathtub, you should get a bathroom vent fan rated at least 100 CFM (50 CFM +50 CFM). It’s essential to note that the minimum rating of a bathroom exhaust fan is 50 CFM. Also, you should avoid installing a weak or undersized fan because it won’t serve you right.

Final Words

With the above information, you can easily calculate the bathroom vent fan’s size your bathroom needs. Use the information to buy a powerful bathroom exhaust fan, not an undersized one, because it’s not worth the effort.

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