Can You Use a Running Shoe for Walking?

Can You Use a Running Shoe for Walking

Walking and running seem similar, but in reality, they are very different exercises. For that reason, they require specialized gear ranging from footwear to attire. You know that running is more intense and requires more energy compared to walking. As a result, much body weight is applied to the shoes when running than walking.

For that reason, you will find that running shoes are more cushioned for shock absorption. On the other hand, walking shoes are less cushioned and can be made of leather or synthetic materials. In short, running shoes are different from walking shoes. Due to the differences, can you use a running shoes for walking? We have researched and compiled a detailed answer here. Therefore, read on to get a clear answer.

Can You Use a Running Shoe for Walking

Running vs. Walking

Companies making running and walking shoes look at foot activity when one is either running or walking. They use that information to make quality shoes that make either running or walking with the shoes easy. You will find that when you are running, you impact the ground with three times your body weight. Your running shoe should be well cushioned to absorb the shock.

On the other hand, when walking, you impact the ground with less weight (1.5 times your body weight) as you land on the heel, and the weight is distributed through the ball to the toes. For that reason, your shoes should be less cushioned compared to running shoes. Also, when running, your shoe should flex more to allow you to push off with the ball of the foot faster.

Difference Between Running and Walking Shoes

Running shoes are more cushioned in the forefoot and the heel compared to walking shoes. This allows the shoes to absorb more shock resulting from the impact. Also, running shoes are more flexible and breathable than walking shoes.  Breathability allows airflow in and out of the shoes, which reduces sweating and keeps feet cooler.

In addition to that, running shoes are more fitting but should not be too tight. On the other hand, walking shoes are less fitting and are roomy around the toes. When it comes to stability, running shoes are more stable and don’t have a high heel. Walking shoes may have a relatively higher heel, but the difference may not be that much compared to running shoes.

Can You Use a Running Shoe for Walking?

The answer to this question is yes. We have seen that running shoes are breathable, cushioned, flexible, and fit. As a result, you can use them for walking if they are well-fitting. If you plan to mix running and walking, it’s advisable to go for a running shoe that is flexible, well-cushioned, and with stability.

Final Words

Running and walking are different activities. For running, you require special running shoes. On the other hand, for walking, you can go for walking shoes. However, you can still use running shoes for walking.

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